Charlotte, NC 28205

Clarke Allen

DMCP is owner and CEO of Clarke Allen Events, and has been a full service event provider in the Charlotte area for more than 20 years. Clarke is an award-winning designer, distinguished academic, organizational and corporate speaker and non-profit strategist and coach. He has been featured in numerous articles and served as a guest columnist for Business Journal, American Express Open Forum, NFocus Magazine, and the Charlotte Observer. Clarke is also the author of The Inevitable Box: A Quest for Significance, his life-changing work through which he has recently created the Expanding the Leader Within “Growthshops” to help others expand the imprisoning boxes of their lives.

Clarke is excited to share what he has learned through his entrepreneurial journey and is grateful for the challenges he has overcome. Through intentional reflection, the practice of mindfulness, and challenging his limiting beliefs, Clarke found his passion in teaching others that they too, can break the patterns that keep them from their highest potential in business and in life and fully embrace the leader within each of us.

Tambry Harris

Life Coach, seeks to transform lives into ones of significance and balance by combining her 18 years of leadership coaching and spiritual direction certification to create a unique, holistic approach to her consulting practice. Tambry’s personal path of aligning her gifts, abilities, and experiences into a career where she can encourage others to craft a fulfilling life is a dream come true. Her wish is for everyone to embrace their potential and experience the same level of satisfaction.

Tambry’s core belief is that we cannot be our best selves until we look at all aspects – mind, body and spirit. Her focus is to facilitate transformational experiences for individuals and groups who are at a cross-roads, whether it be a significant life event, dissatisfaction with current level of success, or see life is not aligned with who they are. Tambry guides people who want to: look deeply at themselves to discover their path and purpose, unfold natural potential, examine work-life balance to see if life reflects what is important, break through limiting beliefs, explore mindfulness practices and put spirituality back into their lives.