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Resources For Your Success


Looking for someone to talk through ideas with in search of honest feedback? Let Clarke help you create accountability, set big-pictures goals, elevaluate areas for personal development and create performance improvement plans that help you see results.



Want to start a business? Retail employees? Jumpstart sale?

Clarke provides clear objectives, a specific agenda and measurable tools to assess change and resolve issues for improvement in both behavior and performance.


Using the Pattern Interruption Model, you’ll learn to expand your inevitable box, gain self-awareness and develop a richer, more meaningful life. Let Clarke show you how.



The Inevitable Box: A Quest for Significance

“The Inevitable Box will CHALLENGE you to reach BEYOND the boundaries of your COMFORT ZONE, as it compels you to CONFRONT the FEARS keeping you from experiencing the DESTINY that is INEVITABLE in your life…Prepare to be INSPIRED.”